Empire State Plaza

Empire State Plaza Tours

Wednesday - Friday at 2 p.m. - Learn how government and culture are housed within the Plaza's Modern Architecture
Empire State Plaza Tours
Empire State Plaza Tours


The 45-minute tours feature highlights of the world-class, 98-acre complex where state government, unique architecture, and modern art share the same space. No two tours are the same, and highlights can include The Egg Center for the Performing Arts, the Plaza’s main platform, Capitol, Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice, Cultural Education Center, Corning Tower, Legislative Office Building, and agency buildings, as well as the memorials that honor those who have dedicated or given their lives in service to others. Those taking the tour will also learn about the Empire State Plaza Art Collection, which is known as the largest publicly owned modern art collection in the country housed outside of a museum.


  • When: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Time:  2 p.m.
  • Location: Outside The Egg (Plaza Level)
  • Reservations: Space is limited to 25 people per tour, and reservations are required.