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The People of New York: Our Story

The People of New York: Our Story
People of New York
Our Story

Each of us are unique, in our story, our history and our experiences. Diversity is engrained in our society, and that is a privilege. 

-Kiersten from Troy, NY


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Name Hometown My Story
Kiersten Troy, NY My paternal side of the family is 100% Polish. My family has always embraced our Polish heritage. My great-great grandparents were born in Poland. Many members of my family have traveled to Poland to visit extended cousins and make connections with the country...    Read More of Kiersten's Story
Kathleen Schenectady, NY On my father's side, we are Italian and French Canadian. I know that my great-grandparents came to Ellis Island from Italy. However, my mother's side is a complete mystery... Read More of Kathleen's Story
Remi East Greenbush, NY My Opa was born in Hannover, Germany. He came to the United States with his family through Ellis Island in 1925. They fled Germany because his father was involved in radical union and political groups and feared for their lives... Read More of Remi's Story
Jeffrey Castleton-on-Hudson, NY Any way you look at it my family has strong German heritage on both sides, but my step-grandfather’s story is what resonates the most with me. Born in Frankfurt-am-main in 1927, his family owned and published a well-known newspaper before fleeing Nazi persecution: first to Czechoslovakia, and then to England... Read More of Jeffrey's Story
Lance Rochester, NY My Dad is first generation, both parents off the boat at Ellis Island from Sicily. My mom is pure Yankee, her family goes back 300 years... Read More of Lance's Story
Julia Albany, NY My father's side has been in New York State (Albany/Schenectady) since 1680 from the Netherlands. My mother's side came from Italy much more recently... Read More of Julia's Story
Cindy Syracuse, NY My grandmother immigrated here from Poland early in the 20th century. She settled and married in Syracuse and raised her family there. One of her earliest endeavors was... Read More of Cindy's Story
T.F. Queens, NY My father came to New York from Haiti. He wanted to make a good life here.
Michael New York, NY My father was born in Smyrna, Ottoman Empire. After escaping the 1922 destruction of his city, he escaped to Athens and then emigrated to NYC as a merchant marine who jumped ship... Read More of Michael's Story
Ralph Rensselaer, NY Born in Nelson, New Zealand, I experienced "love at first byte" in a Yahoo! chatroom in the late 1990s and ended up married to a native "Albanian." Pretty much sure I'm one of like three Kiwi's living in the Capital Region.
Joe Saratoga Springs, NY My grandfather and his brother came from Portugal through Ellis Island in the 1920's. His brother was quite homesick, so he caught the next board back to Europe. My grandfather... Read More of Joe's Story
Anna Syracuse, NY My mother's father's family came to America on the Mayflower. Her mother's family arrived as early Dutch settlers and traders in New Netherland. My father's family... Read More of Anna's Story
Narcissa Bronx, NY My mother and father came from Puerto Rico.
Delora Bronx, NY My dad came to the US from Barbados in the early 1950s. He worked as a contract farm worker in Florida and Wisconsin, eventually breaking the contract and... Read More of Delora's Story
Pam Glenville, NY My parents are hybrids. Mom is half Italian- her father's parents came over from Italy- and half "mutt" for lack of a better word- Dutch French, English, etc. Read More of Pam's Story
Shanna Wolf Point, MT In 1793 my 5th Great Grandparents moved to Salisbury Center, NY with their 10 children. They were among the first families to settle in that town, and there are still... Read More of Shanna's Story
Barbara Albany, NY My parents came from Wake Forest, North Carolina as part of the Great Migration of African Americans from the South in the 1940s. My father, Joseph Lucas just returned from the Arm, WW2....Read More of Barbara's Story
Sherrie Greenwich Village, Washington Co, NY My Great - Grandfather always said when asked about his family history " I am a little bit of everything and not much of any one thing" which when I started my genealogy research really held true to his quote. On my fathers side also. I am Early New York Dutch which was one of my first interest in my beginning research.