Police Officers Memorial Ceremony 2018

New York State Police Officers Memorial

New York State Police Officers Memorial

About the Memorial

Located in the northwest corner of the Plaza, behind the Legislative Office Building and the Swan Street Building, the State of New York Police Officers Memorial honors police officers from New York State who have sacrificed their lives in the performance of their duty. It was constructed following legislation enacted in January 1989 and was designed by architect William F. O'Connor III, Deputy Commissioner for Office of General Services Design and Construction.

The memorial is one hundred feet long and ten feet high and is composed of gently curved polished black granite. Inscribed with the names of deceased officers on ten panels, it is similar in its impact to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. The black granite stands in contrast to the white marble of the Plaza. A waterfall at the top of the memorial flows over concrete projections into a small pool. A single Linden tree stands nearby, part of a park-like setting that serves as an oasis of calm amid the bustle of the Plaza – a site for solitude and reflection.

At the dedication of the Police Officers Memorial in 1991, there were 888 names on the wall, including those of 534 officers from the New York City Police Department and Housing and Transit Police. Today, the number of slain officers commemorated by this memorial is 1,772. Their courage, dedication, and sacrifice will always be remembered.


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