NYS Korean Memorial

New York State Korean War Veterans Memorial

New York State Korean War Veterans Memorial

About the Memorial

The New York State Korean War Veterans Memorial honors the 482,000 New Yorkers who served our nation in this "forgotten war." It was dedicated on June 25, 1990, the fortieth anniversary of the start of the war. Thousands of New York State residents were killed, wounded, or lost in action during a conflict that included some of the fiercest and most devastating combat ever engaged in by United States forces. Four New Yorkers so distinguished themselves in the Korean War that they were awarded the nation's highest tribute-the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The memorial, located in the Empire State Plaza's Memorial Park along Madison Avenue between the State Museum and Swan Street, features a pool surrounded by bronze plaques of flags representing the sixteen nations that sent combat troops to Korea. Adjacent to the pool is a semicircular wall with three plaques offering a narrative of the war; statistical information on state residents who served, including casualties; and a map of North and South Korea, showing the 38th parallel and the location of key battles. This memorial was designed by architect William F. O'Connor III, Deputy Commissioner for the Office of General Services Design and Construction.

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