New York State Women Veterans Memorial

Memorials on the Plaza



Although the main function of The Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza is to serve as the seat of government for New York State, the Plaza has also become a special site of remembrance and tribute. The memorials on the Empire State Plaza honor citizens of New York who have dedicated or given their lives in service to others, and also include a tribute to a special American who meant a great deal to New York State: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Built by the New York State Office of General Services, the memorials commemorate the actions of diverse groups from the community and offer visitors the opportunity to reflect on issues that touch the core of our society. The memorials celebrate the heroism of different generations and causes, each united by the common threads of duty and self-sacrifice.  It is fitting that the Empire State Plaza, in the heart of the Capital City, provides a place of honor for these special citizens.


Empire State Plaza Map