A Lasting Impact

Their Stories


Whether it be an important figure in history or a local leader in one’s community, AAPI individuals have a lasting impact and enrich the state of New York.



A New York street sign named after Dean Lung.

Forty miles away from downtown Albany, there is a street called Dean Lung Road, named after a Chinese man who arrived in New York in 1890 and donated money to create one of the foremost East Asian Studies programs in America.

“The seemingly modest loyalty of one man led to a lasting impact  on how Asian people and their culture were viewed in the United States.” – Submitted by Stacy Chen



“HP Wang was one of the first Asian-American Scientists in the NY Capital region, working at General Electric’s Research and Development Center from 1976 to 2010... In 2016, he founded the Albany NY chapter of APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs), a national civic engagement organization. In each of these endeavors, he successfully pulled together disparate groups to work together towards a common goal.” – Submitted by Jianzhong Tang



"Immigrants make their home and communities in new lands... American culture isn't simply other countries' culture. It's the sharing and adaption to one another that has built America and it is ever changing as the world is too.” – Julie Kahng



Satish K. Tripathi is the first foreign-born President of the University at Buffalo. See a sample of this statement provided below:

“I was raised in a small village in northeast India... I never envisioned that my path would ultimately take me to the helm of a premier public research university in the United States. In fostering a welcoming environment that cherishes cultural diversity, champions pluralism and embraces a multitude of viewpoints, New York State helped make this opportunity of a lifetime possible.”  – Satish K. Tripathi, President, University at Buffalo


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