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Avenue of the Allies Painting
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Avenue of the Allies
Claire Shuttleworth, Oil on Canvas, ca. 1918
On loan from the Buffalo History Museum

In honor of the men and women who were fighting in the “Great War,” the intersection of Court and Main Streets in Buffalo was decorated with the flags of the Allied nations.

About the Artist: Claire Shuttleworth (1867–1930) was a Buffalo native who studied art in France and Italy. Her paintings and drawings have been displayed in galleries around the world.











Barkentine William H. Vanderbilt Off Buffalo Painting
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Barkentine William H. Vanderbilt Off Buffalo
James Hope, Oil on Canvas, ca. 1867
On loan from the Buffalo History Museum

The completion of the Erie Canal, connecting New York City to Lake Erie, played an important role in expanding Great Lakes trade and helping upstate cities grow in the 19th century.

About the Artist: James Hope (1818–1892) was born in Scotland and later came to the United States. He was influenced by Frederic Church and spent the last twenty years of his life working out of his studio in Watkins Glen.










January Morn, Lafayette Square Painting
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January Morn, Lafayette Square
John C. Rother, Oil on Canvas, 1895
On loan from the Buffalo History Museum

Depicted is a monument to Western New York soldiers who fought in the Civil War and the Buffalo Public Library as it appeared in 1887. The monument is still standing today.

About the Artist: John C. Rother (1845–1899) was a Buffalo native and artist. One of his most famous paintings was a portrait of future President Grover Cleveland while he served as Mayor of Buffalo.










Niagara Falls Terrapin Point Painting
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Niagara Falls Terrapin Point
Ferdinand Reichardt, Oil on Canvas, 1856
On loan from the Buffalo History Museum

Niagara Falls was formed more than 10,000 years ago when ice-age glaciers receded. Today, they play an important role in the cultural, social and economic life of Western New York.

About the Artist: Ferdinand Reichardt (1819–1895) was a famous Danish landscape artist who painted several American landscapes during a four-year tour of the United States.









 Scene at the Pan-American Exposition, 1901 Painting
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Scene at the Pan-American Exposition, 1901
Charles Abel Corwin, Oil on Canvas, 1901 
On loan from the Buffalo History Museum

The city of Buffalo hosted the Pan-American Exposition in 1901. This World’s Fair-like event occupied 350 acres near what is now Delaware Park. Gondolas traveled the waters of the canal which surrounded the main area. The Temple of Music and the Triumphal Bridge are visible in the background.

About the Artist: Charles Abel Corwin (1857 – 1938) was a lithographer and painter who taught at the Chicago Art Institute. He specialized in museum murals and backgrounds for dioramas.