A long view of the Hall of Governors with portraits hung on both sides of the corridor.

Hall of Governors

Portraits of New York State governors on view in the New York State Capitol
Hall of Governors

In this gallery, we commemorate New York’s past in the very building where today’s leaders work to build New York’s future.

Over the past two and a half centuries, 57 individuals have served as governor of New York State. Most are memorialized here with official portraits painted by leading artists of their day from life sittings during or after their service here in the Capitol. Like the leaders they depict, the portraits are an important part of our state’s history.

Many of the governors portrayed here also served as United States congressmen, cabinet members, Supreme Court justices and vice presidents, and four of them were elected president of the United States. However, they are recalled here for the leadership they provided to the Empire State.

For more than 100 years, governors of New York State have worked in this hallway. These paintings will inspire visitors as well as our future leaders, who will someday be part of New York’s magnificent history.


Note: The Hall of Governors only includes the portraits of Governors owned by, or on loan to New York State and is not a complete listing of all the governors who served, or are currently serving in office.

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