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Convention Center Event Procedures

Convention Center Event Procedures

Non-Event Day Deliveries

  • Deliveries (not part of the normal event load-in) may be scheduled weekdays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., one day prior to an event, unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • Licensee must provide the name of the delivery company, the name and ID number of the driver, the vehicle's license plate number and state, and the date and time of delivery a minimum of two days prior to the event.
  • Primary access for large freight is P-1 North, Loading Dock A.
  • The Convention Center cannot accept COD or delivery charges.
  • Materials must be addressed to: Convention Center, P-1 North, Loading Dock A, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12242.
  • The name of the event must be plainly noted on the delivery.
  • Storage is not guaranteed for early deliveries.
  • Delivery of sets, props, musical instruments, lighting and other technical equipment must be arranged through the Convention Center delivery coordinator.
Delivery Security
  • Due to increased security measures at the Empire State Plaza, all drivers must be prepared to show photo identification.
  • All vehicles are subject to random search.
  • For trade and consumer shows, the Licensee must provide an alphabetical list of vendors by the name of the company, and including the driver's name and ID number, license plate number and state, and date and time of delivery.
  • Charges may be applied for the delivery coordinator and parking attendant to help control vendor access and assist with traffic safety near the loading dock during time of load-in and load-out.
  • Fire Safety must be present to review all trade show setups.
  • A Loading/Unloading zone is available in the P-1 North parking area and is designated as a 30-minute temporary unloading zone.
  • The 10'x12' loading dock door opens to a 24' square elevator (30,000 lb. capacity) that ascends directly into the center of the Convention Hall.
  • Limited storage space is available for the duration of an event. At the close of the event, all property should be removed in a timely manner or a storage fee will apply.

Shipping & Receiving


Pending trade show sizes, deliveries (not part of the normal event load-in) may be scheduled weekdays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., one day prior to an event unless other arrangements are made in advance. All arrangements regarding shipping must be made directly between you and the company transporting your display materials. The Empire State Plaza Convention Center is not held responsible for the shipment nor the inspection of its material upon arrival.

Please make sure the name of your event, company, and booth number is on the label.

Shipments can be addressed to the following:

Empire State Plaza 
Attn: Convention Center, Concourse Level
100 S. Mall Arterial
P1 North Loading Dock
Albany, NY 12242

All delivery companies must fill out the Exhibitor Entry Form to access our loading dock for delivery and pickup, unless via UPS or FedEx.

Exhibitors are responsible for all outgoing shipping pickups by contacting the shipping company of their choice. The Empire State Plaza Convention Center is not responsible for tracking shipments. All packages must be arranged for pick up within 48 hours post-event.

If applicable, please check with your Show Manager for drayage through a show decorator.

Staging, Loading, & Unloading

Directions to the Empire State Plaza Loading Zone

The Empire State Plaza Convention Center loading/unloading zone is located underneath the main facility on Parking Level 1 (P1) North with drive-in access from Interstate 787.


Please note the Empire State Plaza is a facility managed by the State of New York. All exhibitors must submit an Exhibitor Delivery/Pick-up Form with driver and vehicle information for processing by New York State Police. Failure to submit this form could result in denial of entry. The New York State Police will be on hand to enforce traffic. All drivers and passengers must have valid photo I.D. in order to enter and/or park in the Empire State Plaza parking garages. All vehicles are subject to random search.

  1. Dock A: Primary access for large freight, heavy equipment or large displays is through Dock A, located at Parking Level P1 North. Dock A provides access to two elevators:
    1. Elevator Lift: The 10’x12’ loading dock door opens to a 24’ square elevator lift (30,000 lb. capacity) that ascends directly into the center of the Convention Hall dance floor.
    2. Egg Elevator: The Egg elevator is accessible via a 3-foot platform located at Dock A with a 13ft overhead clearance. This circular elevator measures 5’6” x 8’ with a door height of 6’10” and 6500 lb. capacity and ascends to the Concourse Level of the Plaza.

  2. Loading Zone: All other exhibitors with smaller loads will take the north passenger elevators to the Concourse “C” Level. This loading zone area is designated a 30-minute temporary unloading zone. It is important that every exhibitor moves their vehicle from P1 North to the Visitor’s Parking Lot (V-Lot/P3 North) immediately after unloading. Vehicles will be subject to charge in the V-Lot. When using these elevators, do not overload; any damage to these elevators will be charged back to the exhibitor. Please do not use the emergency button to hold the doors open, as this is a direct line to the NYS Police.

You are welcomed to bring your own cart to expedite your work. The Convention Center has a limited number of flatbed carts available on a first come, first served basis. Please return carts when finished.

Vehicle Overhead Clearance
  • The maximum vehicle clearance on P1 North is 13ft 6in
  • The maximum vehicle clearance on V-Lot (P3 North) is 6ft 6in.
Elevator Capacity
  • Square Lift: 30,000 lb.
  • Egg Elevators: 6500 lb.
  • Passenger Elevators: 3000 lb.

Truck Access

There must be a clear and accessible fire lane around the Empire State Plaza Convention Center at all times to provide clearance for emergency vehicles. The facility may host several events simultaneously, and we must maintain access to our loading docks and entrances for all of our clients.

For large events, truck marshaling yard arrangements are mandatory as our facility does not have an on-site vehicle queuing area for trucks. Due to limited dock space, events using the dock are required to pre-plan dock assignments. All event-related vehicles must be staged in assigned and designated portions of the service road or dock. Please contact your Event Coordinator for more information.

Maximum trailer length is 48ft with day cab.

Oversized Vehicle Parking

If vehicles are over 6’6” in height, please contact the Convention Center for arrangements for oversized vehicle parking. Pending availability and size of vehicle, parking for oversized vehicles is available in P1 North, Grand Street Lot, McCarty Lot or Madison Visitor Lot.


Facility Guidelines

Booth Staging
  • Exhibit booths must be staffed by at least one responsible company representative at all times during show hours.
  • All exhibitors must unload, set-up and strike their own booth(s). The Convention Center does not provide labor to handle exhibitors’ materials.
  • The Convention Center does not provide storage space for empty crates and boxes. Each exhibitor will be responsible for storage of his or her crates and boxes.
  • All pallets and big displays have to be removed by the exhibitor. If removal becomes necessary, the exhibitor/client will be charged a fee to have these items removed.
  • Exhibitors/Licensee will be responsible for any physical damage to their booth space(s) in the Convention center that occurs during the show (i.e. damage to the floor or walls).
Support Services

Support services such as internet/telecommunications services, electrical installations, booth setup and equipment are only accepted through your show manager.

Electrical Installation

Electrical and utility service orders, as well as on-site change orders are accepted only from the Licensee, Show Manager or the event decorator.

Vendors requesting 220V electrical outlets may be subject to relocation. If your electrical cords are less than 10ft long, it is advised to bring your own extension cord(s).


Each exhibitor is responsible for his own equipment and merchandise. The State of New York, nor any of their respective officers, service contractors, or employees, shall be responsible for any damage suffered by an exhibitor, their agents or employees, in transit to, at, or leaving the show, whether from theft, fire, or any other cause. Exhibitors desiring insurance on their goods must place the same at their expense.

Affixing to the Facility Structure

The Convention Center does not allow exhibitors to:

  • Rig cable/hanging devices or affix any materials to the ceiling, electrical buss ducts and conduits, sprinkler pipes, ventilation equipment, columns or any other physical structure within the Empire State Plaza.
  • Cause or permit any nails, staples, hooks, tacks, screws, or the link to be driven into the facility structure.
  • Erect any decorations or use adhesive materials, including tape that can deface the walls, ceilings, floors, facilities and equipment contained on the premises.

Paint or permanently cover walls, floors, ceilings, or other areas of the facility or its furnishings or fixtures.

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