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Convention Center Event Policies

Convention Center Event Policies

Advertising & Promotion

  • The Licensee must provide the Convention Center with a sample layout of public notices and/or tickets prior to printing and/or distribution.
  • Copies of all advertising should be forwarded to the Convention Center office for review 10 days prior to publication.
  • All advertising/promotional material must contain the following information:
    • A true and correct name of the presenting organization; abbreviations are not accepted;
    • The name of the Empire State Plaza Convention Center and the specific location where the event is taking place;
    • Contact information where the public can find accurate program information; and
    • For ticketed events, the admission price, ticket sales locations and telephone numbers for the same must be included.


Copyright Materials
  • Artists and promoters must provide written documentation that all copyrighted material to be performed at the Convention Center has been duly licensed or authorized by the copyright owners or their representatives and agree to hold the Center harmless from any and all claims, losses or expenses incurred with regards thereto.
  • The Licensee is responsible for payment of applicable BMI/ASCAP fees in advance of the event.
  • The Licensee is expected to furnish a qualified stage manager and technical liaison to manage the event backstage or contract with the Convention Center to provide a stage manager.
  • Only authorized stagehands are allowed to operate Convention Center-owned technical equipment under the supervision of the Convention Center technical staff.
  • The Convention Center reserves the right to arrange for and supervise, at Licensee's expense, any stage crew or other personnel the Convention Center determines is necessary or desirable.
  • The facilities must be opened to the audience at least one-half hour prior to the scheduled performance time.
  • If the performance is two hours or longer, a 20-minute intermission is expected.
  • Exception to these provisions must be approved by the Convention Center manager.
Stage Utilization
  • Seating is not permitted on the stage, in the stage wings or the aisles during a performance, except when that audience is an integral part of the performance.
  • No recording, either visual or audio, can be made of an entertainment event in the Convention Center without a manager's prior written approval.
  • The Convention Center has the right to require payment for this privilege.
  • The Licensee is required to secure a waiver or arrange recording rights and is responsible for any and all costs.
Broadcast Rights
  • New York State reserves all rights and privileges for outgoing radio and television broadcasts originating from the Convention Center.
  • The Convention Center has the right to require advance payment of any estimated related costs incurred by the Convention Center and may also require a payment in addition to the space rental fee.
Open Rehearsals
  • Any rehearsal is considered a performance and additional rental fees and staffing charges will apply.

Fire & Public Safety Codes


Electrical Hookups
  • Electrical and utility service orders, as well as on-site change orders, are accepted only from the Licensee or the event decorator.
  • The Licensee or the decorator is required to provide the Convention Center technical director with a complete list of requirements no later than 10 working days prior to the event.
  • The Licensee or decorator is responsible for all payments.
  • During contracted event hours, general room lighting, ventilation, heat or air conditioning will be provided.
Telephone / Data Line Services
  • Telephone, high-speed Internet hardline, and WiFi services are available for a daily rate. A Polycom conference phone is available for a fee.
  • Licensee will be billed the prevailing rate for security services.
  • The Convention Center manager has the final authority in the determination of all security staffing requirements.
Services / Equipment
  • Webcasts, recordings, and video conferencing can be arranged by licensee through preferred vendors.

Ticketed Events

  • A complete set of tickets should be furnished for each event for the event file.
  • The date, time and price must be in prominent typeface on all tickets.
  • The number of tickets printed for seated events cannot exceed the number of seats or space available.
  • The Convention Center reserves the right to use, at its discretion, eight complimentary house tickets for the Convention Hall.
Box Office
  • Licensees are permitted to operate their own box offices on the premises during their event.
  • Licensees are responsible for the security of cash held on the premises.
  • A Security Service Assistant may be hired by Licensee for security purposes.
Staff Access
  • Convention Center staff has the right to enter any part of the Convention Center at any time while performing in an official function.

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