Colin Robinson → Mohamed Q. Amin

Photo of Colin Robinson in glasses and a button up orange shirt

Colin Robinson (1962/63-2021)

Activist, writer, and organizer, Colin Robinson was born in Trinidad & Tobago and lived in NYC from 1980 to 2007 where he worked as part of the Audre Lorde Project, the New York Black Gay Network, and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, to name a few. In 1998, he founded Caribbean Pride, an organization that made a big splash in the NYC Pride Parade when they debuted their “big truck” –a term referring to the truck commonly seen in the Caribbean’s carnival events: 

“The truck’s a fixture now. But back then, Caribbean folks were used to being queer outsiders, looking on at the parade. And suddenly they were watching ourselves all in it.” - Colin Robinson 

Photo of Mohamed Q. Amin smiling in a velvet and floral outfit

Mohamed Q. Amin

In 2013 Mohamed Q. Amin, an Indo-Caribbean, Queer, and Muslim immigrant rights activist, was a victim of a hate crime in his Caribbean-centric Queens neighborhood. Two years later in the face of rising hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community, he founded the Caribbean Equality Project to advocate for the Caribbean LGBTQ+ community in New York City. In 2019, Amin was selected as a New York State Ambassador for World Pride.