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Catering & Approved Vendors

Catering & Approved Vendors

General Information

Complete food & beverage arrangements for any type of event at the Empire State Plaza can be made through OGS' on-site, contractual food service providers. For more information, contact the Plaza's caterers on contract.


Au Bon Pain


Mazzone Hospitality

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Approved Vendors

At the Empire State Plaza Convention Center, we have worked with some of the industry’s leading providers of meetings and event services.

The Approved Vendor List is provided a convenience for the patrons of the Plaza Convention Center and does not necessarily constitute or imply the favoring, endorsement or recommendation. All members of the Approved Vendor List are separate entities and therefore the individual vendors will guarantee and warranty any products and services they offer based on their service policies.

The following are vendors we have worked with and who are familiar with our facility:

Décor Service Providers