view of the sculpture labyrinth by francios stalhy on the empire state plaza

Empire State Plaza Art Collection

One of New York’s greatest art treasures, the collection is a remarkable example of American Modern Art.
The Empire State Plaza Art Collection


The Empire State Plaza Art Collection is available for public viewing Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Collection Artists

List of Artworks


Artist Title Year Medium
Anuszkiewicz, Richard Grand Spectra 1968 acrylic on canvas
Bladen, Ronald The Cathedral Evening 1972 painted Cor-Ten steel
Bolomey, Roger Untitled 1969-71 bronze
Bolomey, Roger Untitled 1969-71 bronze
Bolotowsky, IIya Large Tondo 1969 acrylic on canvas
Bontecou, Lee Untitled 1966 paint, fiberglass, and leather on welded metal framework
Brooks, James Chaco 1965 oil on canvas
Calcagno, Lawrence Red-Black 1967 oil and acrylic on canvas
Calder, Alexander Four at Forty-Five Degrees 1966 polychromed sheet metal
Calder, Alexander Triangles and Arches 1965 painted steel
Callery, Mary Z 1963 brass
Chryssa Arrow: Homage to Times Square 1958 painted cast aluminum
Coggeshall, Calvert Touching 1968 casein on canvas
D'Arcangelo, Allan American Landscape 1967 acrylic on canvas
Daphnis, Nassos 2-68 1968 epoxy paint on canvas
Davis, Gene Sky Wagon 1969 acrylic on canvas
Duran, Bob Untitled 1970 acrylic on canvas
Ferber, Herbert Double One on C 1966 copper
Frankenthaler, Helen Capri 1967 acrylic on canvas
Gabo, Naum Construction in Space: Spheric Theme 1969 stainless and Cor-Ten steel
Glarner, Fritz Untitled 1968 oil on canvas
Goodnough, Robert Struggle 1966-67 charcoal, acrylic, and oil on canvas
Gottlieb, Adolph Orange Glow 1967 oil on canvas
Guston, Philip Smoker 1963 oil on canvas
Hadzi, Dimitri Helmet V 1961 bronze
Hartigan, Grace The-The #1 1962 oil on canvas
Held, Al Rothko's Canvas 1969-70 acrylic on canvas
Horwitt, Will Spaces 1969-70 cast aluminum
Jenkins, Paul Phenomena: Mistral Veil 1970 acrylic on canvas
Jensen, Alfred Kronos 1968 oil on canvas
Judd, Donald Untitled 1968 stainless steel and amber plexiglass
Kelly, Ellsworth Yellow Blue 1968 painted steel
Kelly, Ellsworth Primary Tapestry 1968 handwoven wool
Kipp, Lyman Wild Rice 1967 painted steel
Kline, Franz Charcoal Black and Tan 1959 oil on canvas
Krushenick, Nicholas Faster than Sunshine 1968 acrylic on canvas
Liberman, Alexander Temple II 1964-69 aluminum
Lipton, Seymour The Empty Room 1964 nickel-silver on nickel-copper
Louis, Morris Aleph Series IV 1960 acrylic on canvas
Loving, Alvin D. Jr. New Morning I 1973 acrylic on canvas
Lukin, Sven Untitled 1969 enamel on wood
Mallary, Robert Pythia 1966 plywood, fiberglass, epoxy, and painted steel
Marca-Relli, Conrad Black Rock 1958 oil and canvas on canvas
Meadmore, Clement Turn Out 1967 Cor-Ten steel
Meadmore, Clement Verge 1971-72 painted Cor-Ten steel
Milkowski, Antoni Salem 7, 1/3 1965-67 Cor-Ten steel
Mitchell, Joan La Seine 1967 oil on canvas, quadriptych
Motherwell, Robert Burnt Sienna 1968 handwoven wool
Motherwell, Robert Dublin 1916, with Black and Tan 1964 oil and acrylic on canvas
Myers, Forrest Untitled 1969-70 Cor-Ten and stainless steel
Nevelson, Louise Atmosphere and Environment V 1966 aluminum, black epoxy, enamel
Noguchi, Isamu Studies for the Sun 1959-64 travertine
Noguchi, Isamu Studies for the Sun 1959-64 iron
Noguchi, Isamu Studies for the Sun 1959-64 bronze
Noland, Kenneth Via Ochre 1968 acrylic on canvas
Novak, Gyora Links 1965 black lacquer on wood
Novros, David Untitled 1968 acrylic lacquer on fiberglass
Okada, Kenzo Hagoromo 1964 oil on canvas
Oldenburg, Claes Geometric Mouse, Scale A, 1/6 1969 painted steel and aluminum
Parker, Raymond Curling Red 1967 oil on canvas
Pepper, Beverly Campond 1969-70 chrome-plated steel
Pettet, William Untitled 1968 acrylic on canvas
Pollock, Jackson Number 12, 1952 1952 mixed media
Rickey, George Two Lines Oblique 1968-71 stainless steel
Rosati, James Heroic Galley 1958 bronze
Rosati, James Lippincott I 1967 painted Cor-Ten steel
Rosenthal, Tony Duologue 1965 bronze
Rothko, Mark Untitled 1967 oil on canvas
Ruda, Edwin Tecumseh 1969 acrylic on canvas
Sander, Ludwig Pawnee II 1968 oil on canvas
Schmidt, Julius Untitled 1966 bronze
Segal, George The Billboard 1966 plaster, wood, metal, and rope
Seley, Jason Colleoni II 1969-71 welded steel
Sihvonen, Oli Untitled 1968-69 oil on canvas
Smith, David Voltri-Bolton III 1962 painted steel
Smith, David VB XXI 1963 painted steel
Smith, David Volton XIII 1963 painted steel
Smith, David Volton XVI 1963 painted steel
Smith, David Volton XVIII 1963 painted steel
Smith, Tony The Snake Is Out, 1/3 1962-69 painted mild steel
Stahly, Francois Labyrinth 1970-71 iroko wood
Stamos, Theodoros Iberian Sun Box 1967 oil on canvas
Still, Clyfford 1964 (PH-558) 1964 oil on canvas
Sugarman, George Trio 1969-71 painted aluminum
Sullivan, Jim Sojourno 1969 aquatec on canvas
Tworkov, Jack Wedding Flags 1965 oil on canvas
Schlegell, David von West End 1966 aluminum
Voulkos, Peter Dunlop 1967 bronze
Williams, William T. Sweets Crane 1969 acrylic on canvas
Wines, James Grey Disc 1968 painted cement and steel
Youngerman, Jack Eastward 1967 acrylic on canvas
Zox, Larry Gemini Series I 1968 acrylic on canvas