Abdul Rahim Rahim

My Story

Photograph of Abdul Rahim Rahim and family.

I am Abdul Rahim Rahim. I was working as the First Secretary of the Afghanistan Consulate General in Mary province of Turkmenistan when the Afghan government fell to the Taliban on August 15, 2021. Our lives turned upside down. We lived for eight months under difficult conditions in Turkmenistan without any income.

We sought help from the United States Embassy in Turkmenistan, and we were granted Humanitarian Parole into the U.S. in April 2022.

We did not know how we would start our new life. We received help from Rochester-based Keeping Our Promise Inc. Our lives forever changed. KOP was able to get a flight for us to come to Rochester. At the airport, the KOP director Ms. Ellen Smith greeted us as if we were her own family members.  Volunteers placed us in a well-furnished house.

It has been a year since we came to Rochester. My wife attended English classes. My children have excelled in school. My daughter Madina received the Susan B. Anthony Award, the Monroe County Youth Citizen of the Year award, and has been awarded a scholarship to attend college. 

Our new life is beautiful. Thanks to Keeping Our Promise we feel like we are with our family.  On behalf of myself, my family, and my country, I sincerely thank the KOP organization, Ms. Smith and her team, and the people of Rochester, New York. –Submitted by Keeping Our Promise, Inc.